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Expert in preferential tax regimes and Andorra taxation.
Former Deloitte.

Expert in the Italian Flat Tax Regime for HNWIs and the 7% Flat Tax regime For Pensioners

Expert in Monaco residencies and Monaco & France tax law. Former Deloitte affiliate.

Expert in the Beckham Law and Spanish digital nomad visa. Former Baker McKenzie.

Expert in the Portuguese Golden Visas and D-7 Visas.
Former Deloitte.

Expert in the Portuguese Golden visas and D-7 visas.
Former EY.

Expert in the Portuguese Golden
Visa and D-7 visa.
Ex Garrigues & Kore Partners.

Expert in Andorran residencies and Andorran taxation.
Former ACCA.

Expert in the Spanish Impatriate Tax Regime and in Estonian residencies. Former PwC.

Expert in the Italian
flat tax regimes for HNWIs
and for Pensioners.

Expert in Spanish Startup Law and Andorran Digital Economy Law. Former Osborne Clarke.

Expert in Andorran
residencies and Andorran

Welcome to Relocate&Save, your best ally for exploring preferential tax regimes and low tax jurisdictions in Europe.

With a team of highly skilled professionals in the field of international taxation, immigration, and relocation, we are here to guide you through the process and help you understand if you can take advantage of these advantageous preferential tax regimes by relocating yourself and your business.

Our trusted partners are located in several jurisdictions across Europe, including Portugal, Italy, Greece, Estonia, Andorra, Monaco, Switzerland, Spain, Malta, Cyprus, and many more.

Why choose to work with Relocate&Save?

In an era of misinformation where misleading YouTube or TikTok videos can be mistaken for legal advice, and where influencers or real estate agents may pose as tax advisors, we aim to provide internet users with reliable and trustworthy advisors.

Our experts are fully certified by renowned universities, boast impressive professional CVs, and are qualified lawyers or certified advisors. We prioritize offering a personalized, client-oriented service by collaborating with boutique firms and medium-sized organizations.

Take control of your tax burden and explore the possibilities of preferential tax regimes with Relocate&Save.

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